2017 Okinawa Masters Seminar

Invitation is extended to Karate-ka of all traditional styles, ages 13 and above.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 20th January.
Masters Dinner Registration Deadline: 29th January.

Registration Deadline: 3rd February. All participants MUST submit their registration information and payment before this date. No registrations will be accepted after this date.

NOTE: Please keep traditional manners and respect throughout the event.

2017 Okinawa Masters Seminar
3063 South Service Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada.
Hotel (905) 639-4442
Saturday 4th February
9am - 12pm
Gojo-Ryu 1 (Uehara Sensei)
1pm - 4pm
Shorin-Ryu (Kyuna Sensei)
7pm - 9pm
Dinner with Okinawa Masters

Sunday 5th February
9am - 12pm
Goju-Ryu 2 (Nakandakari Sensei)
1pm - 4pm
Isshin Ryu (Uechi Sensei)

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